This week we are featuring Richard! Rich is a long time personal training client at The Capital who enjoys squash, running, and cycling. Rich started training to achieve personal fitness goals, continued when he found out he needed knee replacements, and continues now twice a week as part of his healthy lifestyle.“I think if you’re interested in fitness in the sense of a lifestyle, this is the gym to go to!”
Rich’s biggest challenge over the past 10 years has been 2 knee replacements – one in 2014 and one in 2015.
“I depended largely on the preparation I got form the gym to build up my muscles to support those surgeries, and then the rehabilitation afterwards. It’s been 100% successful! I have full mobility, I’m deadlifting 230 lbs, I can play pickleball 3-4 hrs with no problems or issues.”
Rich’s first impression of the gym was very positive. He loves the atmosphere, the space, and the equipment. Rich also enjoys the variety of clientelle that walks through the door. “You have lots of sports teams that train here and add a certain exciting dynamic to the gym.”
“The trainers give you all-around workouts. When you come out of a training session everything has been worked!” In one sentence, Rich describes The Capital as “bright, dynamic, and a fun place to be!”

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