Leah has been coming to The Capital for 2 years and has a background in competitive soccer and ringette. Every time Leah walks through the doors she pushes herself to be better. Leah played competitive rignette and provincial level soccer when she was younger. She attended a box gym for a few years and was introduced to The Capital by her partner Sael.
“What I like about Capital is that every class you are with the same group and you all push each other. At The Capital it feels like you’re part of a team so you’re excited to finish work and come to the gym.”
“I was at a regular gym for a few years and it was off-and-on. You get motivated for a few weeks, but then you run out of ideas and you start looking through instagram for inspiration for your training. Its just not the same here when you have someone pushing you, and every week they are trying to make you achieve different goals! Its great change.”
When Leah first came to The Capital she was a little skeptical to start at a smaller facility. She came for a week while on vacation and quickly changed her work schedule to be able to attend classes! “It was an instant change in my willingness to come to the gym.”
Leah likes the structure of the workouts and having a trained coach guiding her through the program. She feels like everyday she comes to the gym, she is working towards her goals.
“You have a professional trainer warming you up and walking you through the exercises. There are always good finishers. You don’t even have to think – the hardest part is just getting yourself to the gym and then everything is done for you, you just need to put in the work during that hour.”

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