This rugby athlete just started her 4th summer off-season program at The Capital – from high school rugby to University Champion. Rachel is a dedicated athlete always ready to work.
“My first impressions of capital was that is was a very friendly but competitive environment.” Rachel played competitive hockey and soccer growing up. She started playing rugby in grade 9 and not only made the Provincial team shortly thereafter, but got selected to represent Canada with the U18 National 7s team. She joined The Capital following a sever foot injury she suffered while on tour with the team.
“I started at capital in 2016, after I had injured my foot as a way of remaining active with my limited mobility. I was excited to join a gym where I would have a personalized program and an environment that would push me.” Adjustments were made for Rachel with her broken foot and she says “the trainers went above and beyond accommodating my needs as I was still in a walking cast when I first started.”
Following a summer of rehab, Rachel made the uOttawa Gees-Gees rugby team. “I joined the UOttawa Women’s Rugby program in 2016 and since then I have won two bronze medals and a gold at the USports National Championships. However, in my second year I did suffer an injury to a disk in my back that put me out for 9 months. Despite my set backs I could not be more proud of where I am today!”
“My favourite part about training at capital is that the trainers hold me accountable and push my beyond what I believe I am capable of.”

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