After spending 1 summer with The Capital going into his last year of hockey, Joe knew he had found somewhere special.
“I completed a summer training program with coach Nick before my last year of minor hockey and always looked back at that summer as the most motivated, consistent and driven version of myself I had ever known in the gym.”
When Joe moved on to university he missed the team atmosphere in the gym. The transition out of competitive sports can be difficult for many athletes, but Joe was able to regain his motivation when he became a Capital Crew member.
“Fast forward a few years; I’m finishing up my university degree and hitting the gym casually but not seeing many improvements and lacking motivation. I definitely missed the competitive edge and motivation I felt training at Capital a few years prior so it felt natural to reach out and see if I could check out what the Capital was all about. I haven’t looked back since.”
When Joe first started with Capital Crew he noticed the welcoming environment right away. He felt accepted by the coaches and other members instantly.
“You quickly build relationships with other individuals that are trying to better themselves as well and this is one of the many things that keeps you accountable and motivated.”
“I can’t just name one thing about the Capital that keeps me coming back. It’s a combination of the knowledge and dedication shown by the coaches, the family like environment that you feel from day 1 and the atmosphere that bring you to train at a whole new level”

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