Matt is a former hockey goaltender who joined capital crew to reprioritize fitness once he stepped back from high level hockey.
Matt met coach Haince when he was 14 as he strived to increase his physical readiness. “I was always chasing that higher level of competition, and in order to do so I knew I had to increase my conditioning.”
When Matt stepped back from competitive hockey he lacked the motivation and drive to keep training, as many athletes in his shoes do. “I was in a physical slump. I had a public gym membership but totally lost the motivation to go workout. I would make excuses left and right. I reached out to Nick and asked for some help to get me back in shape. Capital crew is perfect, 1 hour in the gym and I have never been so exhausted and satisfied after its all said and done!”
Matt’s favourite part of calling The Capital home is the knowledge possessed by the coaches. “If ever I have a question I know that I am going to get the best answer possible.”
If you were an athlete used to competing and training in a team setting, stepping back from that environment can be a huge shock. Capital Crew is a high energy class where you get to train with likeminded people who will push each other towards success. Our former athletes feel right at home!! And our members without a sports background feel like they are part of something bigger!

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