Janice joined our Flex With Lex group training last year and decided to compliment it with personal training.
Janice was very active in the past, but the busy life of a mom of 2 made it hard to keep her fitness up. She was introduced to the Capital when her son started training here for hockey.
“Fitness was a large part of my life before having children. My two boys took priority for many years and my fitness activity became sporadic. As my boys became more independent, I had time to focus on me.”
Janice first started seeing Dr Lynn for a back injury. When she felt strong enough she shifted her focus to training in the gym with Coach Lex.
Thanks to Aaron my back was stronger, so I started looking for a challenge. When I heard about “Flex with Lex” last year, I signed up and have been with her ever since. Her program ensured that I had the guidance to do the exercises correctly and the positive atmosphere to achieve my goals to lose weight and a few belt notches.”
“My favourite part about training at the Capital is the staff and the flexibility that they offer. Capital is a friendly, positive, passionate, and motivating environment to train in.”

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