Kevin is going into his 5th year of the Summer Hockey Program at The Capital!
“I started training with Nick the year prior to starting my NCAA career at Colgate and the positive impact he had on me helped me smoothly transition from junior hockey to the next level. It was a no-brainer to me that when he opened The Capital I would be joining him.”
Kevin played many different sports growing up, as many as he could be involved in, but he always had a special passion for hockey. During his 20 year career in the game he went from forward, to goalie, to finally settling on the blue line in his Atom year. Being a defenceman, Kevin says he faced challenges as a smaller player but that his high level of physical preparation helped him be strong on the puck.
“The first time I stepped into The Capital I knew this was a special place. I knew it was a spot where people came to work, to better themselves, whether for athletics or life in general. Even if you show up unmotivated, the culture in this gym will override those feelings and force you to better yourself”.
Kevin has always been a leader in the weight room. A “6am Guy” who’s always been known for his hard work. His favourite aspect of training at the Capital is our amazing #cstsfamily.
“Obviously the trainers are top tier, but the culture instilled in the gym comes from each individual showing up with a common goal: to better themselves”.
“Couldn’t recommended the Capital enough. Whether you’re an athlete, or an individual looking to simply get in better shape, this place is for you. When my hockey career comes to a close it will not change my training routine, as this is truly a lifestyle worth living”.

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