Alex is a NCAA Division 1 volleyball player at UC Irvine, Jr National Team Player, and Maverick Volleyball Club Alumni. Alex is a three year CSTS athlete who has a great work ethic in the gym and treats his training like a job.
“I first came to The Capital to improve my athletic abilities in order to help elevate my game. My first impression of training here was simple: I immediately felt the gym was a pivotal resource for my training.”
Alex started at the Capital, working with coach Ian Perry, to fix movement faults and prevent some overuse injuries. He now does one-on-one training to prep for National Team events and his UCI season. Coach Ian says “He’s a very detail oriented athlete who takes everything from his strength work to his recovery very seriously. He’s easy to coach and always buys into the long term process.”
In the last 2 years of pursuing university volleyball and working towards his major in Business Economics, Alex says he has been pushed out of his comfort zone. Alex thrives on challenges and says “I am grateful for being uncomfortable and facing adversity because it made me stronger as an individual.” He brings this same energy to the gym and is an athlete we love working with!
“I enjoy training at The Capital because the trainers genuinely care about their athletes and aren’t afraid to push us to our limits. If you are an athlete that wishes to unlock your full potential, I strongly suggest you invest in yourself and in this program.”

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