Founder | Strength Coach | Kinesiologist
Coach Nick oversees all Sport Performance Programs at CSTS. During the competitive season, he is the Head Strength Coach for the Navan Grads of the CCHL. Coach Nick has worked with hundreds of local amateur, college and professional hockey athletes in his 10 years of Hockey Performance development. He has taken athletes from AAA to Professional and continues to lead the CSTS Summer Hockey program alongside his Strength Staff. As a Kinesiologist he has successfully worked with and rehabbed several post-surgery patients including Knee Replacements (half and full), Hip Replacement, ACL reconstruction, Shoulder and Hip Labrum surgeries.

Schooling: Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics – U of O
Experience: 12 years in the industry
Interesting Fact: Born in British Columbia, grew up in London Ontario. Played for the Ottawa Sooner’s
Sport Background: Hockey, Football, Powerlifting
Favorite Exercise: RFE Split Squat and Bottoms Up KB Presses
Hobby / Other interests: Hunting, Fishing, Camping
Favorite Sport: Hockey

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