Queen's Bachelors Degree of Physical and Health Education. NSCA Personal Trainer Certified


Coach Mason has successfully trained individuals from the likes of globally top ranked pro boxers and pro hockey players, to your average joe looking to lose a few pounds. Mase is the training program creator for several contracts at CSTS such as; the Capital Crew adult classes, the Off-season Hockey program and the Sports Study program at École Maurice Lapointe (high school). Coach Mason is also the lead Strength Coach for the Navan Grads Jr A Hockey team. Mase has a lot of experience creating take-away programs for personal training clients. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life, from general public to professional athletes and helping them reach their highest potential!
Experience: 8 years experience as a coach, starting with his time at Gary Roberts High Performance Center and as an intern for the Queens Varsity S&C program. Has been working at Capital Strength since 2018
Interesting Facts: A young Nick Haince trained me when I was 14 years old!
Hobbies / Other Interests: Playing Rugby for the Bytown Blues. Playing other rec sports with friends in the offseason
Favourite Exercise: Barbell Hip Thrusts
Favourite Food: Wings
Favourite Sport: Rugby