Lorraine is going on her 3rd year as a Capital Crew Member and feels she is the strongest and fittest she has ever been!
“I’ve been at The Capital now for 3 years in May and its a great place! It’s a big family. I’ve been welcomed by everyone – the class members and the staff. I feel cherished at The Capital – which is really nice for me because I am quiet, and sometimes feel overlooked since I’m not being engaged. Here that’s all different!”
Lorraine stayed active growing up by horseback riding, ice skating, and walking, but did not start doing planned activities this frequently until her late 40s. Lorraine’s sister Susan has been with us since the beginning, and after a year of watching her sister, Lorraine made the switch to join us too! The sisters have been training together at 7am ever since.
“My favourite part of training here is that it’s ever-changing and challenging. We all get in ruts in life and when things are always the same we become complacent. Even though we come here and there is a schedule for strength and conditioning days, over the last 3 years Capital Crew has evolved and become a little different.”
Lorraine participated in our recent 60-Day Challenge and her team took home the grand prize! She enjoyed the team bonding opportunity and loved the added challenge to her training. “I’m not an outside the box thinker, but my mind also likes a challenge. If the challenge is presented then I’m game!”
“You’re made to feel like anything is possible, and that that possibility comes from you because you’re given free rein to challenge yourself. You’re encouraged to challenge yourselves here! I recommend this place to anybody.”

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