Laurie, who has been a member for the past 10 months now, brings enthusiasm and motivational energy to each class!
“I moved to Ottawa a year ago and I was looking for a new gym. Capital was exactly what I was looking for! It has a complete workout plan that can be adapted to my goals and progresses every month.”
Laurie has been involved in competitive sports since a young age. She was a synchronized swimmer and golfer.She has experience in the gym as strength training was always part of her off-seasons, but missed the competitive environment when she moved on to university.
“Going from training 30 hours a week, to barely anything when I went to University, it definitely had a drastic effect on my body and mind. It is a daily challenge and goal for me to make time for sports and finding new ways to integrate it to my work/life schedule to stay healthy, in shape and in balance with myself.”
We asked Laurie what her favourite part of The Capital is, and along with the coaches guidance and motivation, she loves the effectiveness of the classes.“I love how every workout there is a coach to push our limits, supervise our form, and help improve our performance. The concept of an hour workout is great for me and fits with my busy work life. It allows me to stay in shape, steam off after work, and keep a great work/life balance!”

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