Strength Coach

Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics - University of Ottawa


Coach Donny will contribute his knowledge and passion for speed and strength training. Spending five years at the University of Ottawa, Coach Donny also played for the GeeGees football team, pushing himself and his teammates to be the best individual and athlete they can be. Developing and prioritizing fundamental movement patterns from young athletes to the general population is a key focus in sustaining physical activity at any level. His enthusiasm and passion for fitness creates an environment where participants can learn and comfortably improve themselves both physically and mentally to achieve their personal goals. Coach Don plays a large roll in developing our hockey and volleyball athletes in season and off season.
Experience: Coaching since 2019
Interesting Facts: Donny loves picking up new sports, he competes in olympic weightlifting and can’t say no to a Jamaican patty!
Hobbies / Other Interests: Cycling, training, and trying new sports such as golf and volleyball
Favourite Exercise: Snatch
Favourite Food: Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Favourite Sport: Football