Charlotte has been a member of the #cstsfamily for over 2 years – participating in small group sessions and Capital Crew! Charlotte started strength training with her soccer team, including Coach Lex, when she was in high school. A few years later when Coach Lex joined the CSTS coaching staff, Charlotte started small group sessions with her.
“Having Lex here motivated me to come. I liked the gym and staff form the start. The environment is very inviting and never judgemental.”
Charlotte slowly transitioned to participating in Capital Crew Classes as well, and the more she did them the more comfortable she felt. She loves working in a team environment and enjoys the support the other Crew members give her.
“The trainers here keep you motivated during classes while they walk you through everything. My motivation going to a regular gym is never the same.”
Charlotte recently joined our 60 Day Challenge and chose to be a “gainer”. She has seen her weights increase since the start of 2019 and feels much stronger!
“I liked it! It pushed me to come more often and to see if there was a difference from the beginning to the end.”

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