Strength Coach
Coach B is the Head of our Rugby Development Program as well as the Assistant Coach to the UOttawa Women’s Rugby Team. Her experience as a university level athlete (5 years with U of O Rugby) allows her to relate to the up and coming players at Capital Strength, as well as those trying to achieve provincial and national level status. She also facilitates the High School Strength and Conditioning program that we run remotely at Ecole Maurice Lapointe for their sport program athletes. Coach B also plays a large role in Youth Development at CSTS, working with hockey and volleyball athletes in our off-season programs. She has worked with athletes as young as 10 years old in their pursuit of athletic development! She enjoys working with general public, athletes and rehab patients with her experience and education in the field.

Schooling: Masters of Science specialized in Biomechanics candidate – Bachelor of Science Human Kinetics – U of O
Experience: 4 years Personal Training in Ottawa
Sport Background: Figure Skating. Hockey during high school. 5 years of University level rugby.
Favorite Exercise: Deadlift
Hobby/Other Interests: Drawing, knitting, my dog, kayaking, and snowboarding
Favourite Food: Grandfather’s Tomato Soup

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