The Capital Strength App

Introducing the complete mobile training solution from Capital Strength. Powered by Kinduct, the Capital app helps individuals stay focused and transform fitness goals into actionable plans. We designed this app for:

  • Athletes located outside of Ottawa area who want to up their game this summer or stay healthy throughout the season
  • Professionals and/or entrepreneurs with irregular schedules who have trouble making it into their gym consistently
  • Shift workers, particularly first responders who often work nights
  • Beginners to the fitness game who are looking for a bit of guidance while training at home or at their local gym
  • Anyone looking to compliment their workout and stay focused on a particular fitness goal

Weekly View

The Capital App includes a break down of which workouts you have on which days. Stay organized and remain accountable.

Calendar View

Calendar view of your workouts. Red dots are used to notify users on which days they have a scheduled workout.

Program Log

This is what users see when they click on their workout of the day. The workouts are broken down into sections. The bar at the top shows how much of the workout has been completed.

Warm Up

Warm up more effectively. The name of the exercise is written, the amount of reps and rest is also indicated. The check mark shift to green once they are completed.

Track Set Results

Modify your individual set stats to indicate how much weight you’ve lifted. Use it as a baseline to ensure you are improving every week.

Exercise Videos

Not sure how to execute a particular exercise? Watch a Capital Strength Coach execute every movement in your program before you try them yourself.