Alexis O’Bryan
Strength Coach |

[email protected]


Coach Lex is the creator of our popular Women’s Only bootcamp, “Flex with Lex”! She specializes in female group fitness and semi-private training. She loves empowering women to bring out their Strong(her) selves! She also has experience with pre, peri and post-natal clients! Coach Lex also plays a large role in our Volleyball Development as she coaches our Youth development program with the Maverick Volleyball Club. Coach Lex loves working with men and women of all ages and helping them on their path to success!


Schooling: Human Kinetics Degree from U of O (Bachelor of Arts)

Sport Background: Soccer, volleyball and powerlifting

Favorite Exercise: Barbell front squat

Hobby/Other Interests: Spending time with family

Favourite Food: Fettuccini Alfredo

Favourite Sport: Soccer