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The Partnership.


The Maverick Volleyball Club is known across the country for developing high performance athletes that are College-ready. Capital Strength has been a proud partner of the MVC for 4 seasons and have recently been given the responsibility of taking care of their athletes 52 weeks of the year. By following our Long Term Athletic Development model we start with teaching 15U’s the fundamentals of strength training and appropriately progress them until 18U where they are well rounded College-ready athletes.


During the In-season months all HP teams train 2x/week to maintain gains from the off-season. During the off-season we provide in-house as well as remote training through our Strength and Conditioning App to make sure no matter where the athlete is, they are getting high quality off-season development programming.


For Off-Season Training options, see below!

Exclusive Off-Season Options for Maverick HP Athletes

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