Capital Crew

Capital Crew

About the Program.

Adults who join Capital Crew set themselves apart from the rest, they are here to be challenged physically and athletically amongst a group of people who strive to better themselves. The Strength and Conditioning focused workouts will help bring out your inner athlete by teaching and training fundamental movements that build strength, confidence and help reshape your body. This unique class experience has it all, mobility work, progressive strength training and metabolic conditioning all within a highly supervised 60 minute workout, leaving your body challenged and changed for the good!


Come train alongside other motivated individuals in an energetic environment! The Capital isn’t just a gym, it’s a community!


1 Year = $1199
Monthly = $119 (automatic debit withdrawal system)
Drop In = $20/class
*Ask about our Healthy Hero Discount, Student Special and Corporate Rates.
* Prices do not include HSTT.


Healthy Heroes

We are pleased to offer a 2O% discount to all emergency services personnel interested in joining the family.

For all that you do, Thank You.

Questions? Get in touch with a member of our team.