Advanced Athlete

We have 3 differently entry levels to the Athlete Program: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Advanced is meant for athletes who have 3 years or more experience training at Capital Strength or elsewhere. The Athlete program package includes an assessment and consultation with a Strength Coach, as well as 1 personal training sessions to get the Athlete adjusted to the facility, the program and the movements. Once the sessions with a Coach are complete, the athlete is set to enter the program. It’s open from 3-5pm Monday to Friday, drop in style, 2-3 times per week. It is technically unsupervised, as it is a drop-in style program. However, with a facility our size and set up, it is very easy for our coach’s in the gym to keep an eye on the athletes and step in when needed. Every 6 weeks their training program will be updated and a meeting with a coach will be set to go over the new program. The program is available from September to end of March, and the cost for the beginner level is $549.99 plus tax.

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