Ruth is a fitness instructor, avid all-season cyclist, and very hard-working individual!

Ruth taught fitness classes for 30 years as a hobby, but had to modify how she exercised when she learned she needed a hip replacement from sever osteoarthritis.

“A physio friend of mine recommended this gym and I’ve been here ever since. I immediately felt at home. Even though I had been a gym rat all my life, it’s scary going into a new gym for the first time. But no, I felt like I was in the right place and I was in good hands.”

With the help of coach Haince, Ruth has been able to maintain her strength despite the increasing hip pain. Through the years, Ruth has gone from a road cyclist to an all-season cyclist – now also practicing mountain and snow biking!
“I’m a can do kind of a person, so I’ve sought out the activities that I can do and ween myself off the stuff I can’t do. I still teach 1 class a week. It’s all about pain management now.”

In three words, Ruth describes the Capital as “friendly, motivating, and accommodating!” If you have any health issues that make training difficult, contact one of our coaches today. Movement is medicine. We can help you find the proper dosage and modifications that will allow you to train and feel better no matter the physical condition you start in.

Ruth awaits her hip replacement in the coming year and we can’t wait to watch her recover and come back stronger than ever!  “I plan on still being here in 10 years!”