We want to showcase Taylor and Sam White’s work ethic and dedication – two prominent qualities in our CSTS community.

Taylor and Sam are both students who have been consistently coming to the gym 5-6 times a week since their sign up back in January. They use their time at The Capital to stay healthy, as well as decompress during the school year. Both former competitive ringette players, they have trained together their whole lives. Once they stopped ringette, they tried training at a commercial gym. They soon wanted to change it up and say they will never switch back! The one-on-one attention they get during the Capital Crew classes gives them confidence in their technique with strength movements.
“We needed a change, and will never go back!”

The sisters say The Capital provides them with the opportunity to get stronger and feel better. Coming back from a hip surgery, Sam was not confident in her ability go get stronger in her lower body but says “the specialized programming and 1-on-1 training makes me confident I won’t injure myself.”

We asked them what their favourite aspect of The Capital was and Sam told us “The community. When we come here we feel very comfortable and welcome. It’s kind of like our crew, our 7am crew”. Taylor told us that she “likes it because there is always a different workout. You come here and the programming is done for you.”