Jake Gaudet trains in our Summer Hockey Program, and is going into his second year at University of Massachusetts in management and finance.

Jake took a path in hockey that not many NCAA players take. He describes himself as a late bloomer. After being cut from some AAA teams in high school he was able to focus on other sports. He won 2 championships with his AA team before making the switch to the Eastern Ontario Wild, and working his way up to Jr B and then Jr A hockey teams. Looking back he is thankful about his “U-turn” and knows he was lucky to have good coaches that kept hockey fun.

During this time Jake also started training in the gym with coach Nick and learning the value of off-season training. “I got into the gym and it helped me get strong and appreciate how important it is to work hard in the summer. That’s how you separate yourself from players that are better than you are.”

“There’s a lot of things that Nick brings to the table. There is a great atmosphere here. There are a lot of guys my age that are at a similar level to what I am.”

Jake likes the sense of organization and focus on movement at The Capital. He likes how programming involves moving weight for speed, quickness and athletic ability. Jake’s favourite days of training are speed days. “There is something about going full speed through drills that’s a lot of fun!”

“I was really excited to come here and train amongst guys that have a lot of fun but also know when to work hard.”