Erik is a well established and respected fire department captain. He brings a whole new meaning to the term healthy hero!! When not at work or in the gym, Erik loves to spend time on the water paddling and with his 3 kids. During his Capital Crew trial he was quick to notice the coachs’ attention to detail and dynamic programming, and decided to join permanently.

Erik felt the assistance of a coach would help him stay motivated. He says it feels like 1-on-1 training because he always gets the attention he needs. Capital Crew classes being offered multiple times a day is also perfect for shift work. He has been able to loose 25lbs+ since his start at Capital Strength just over a year ago. Consistently coming 3 times a week has helped him keep up with the young guys at work he is suppose to take care of as Captain of the fire department. “I just feel better day in day out”

Erik loves that his gym community now feels like a family. He believes that’s what keeps people coming back. The Staff at Capital have seen first hand how community oriented and helpful Erik is