Dr. Taylor is a father of two and Oral-Maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Taylor makes time for fitness in his busy schedule, even if it’s a session at 6AM.

Dr T uses his time at The Capital to focus on himself. He likes the consistency of the staff, and the welcoming nature of the gym the most. “It’s soothing for me.”

“Most of my day is spent talking to anywhere from 40 to 60 people. All day I hear “Dr Dr Dr…” but when I come here I’m no different from anyone else and it’s my hour. It’s my time to battle myself. That’s it – get in, reset your clock, and get on with the rest of your day!” –

Dr T has been working with coach Nick for over 4 years. They focus on overall strength, health and fitness, as well as 6-10 week preparation blocks leading up to some of Dr T’s hunting trips, one of his biggest hobbies!  “I was in the NWT at the end of August and that was brutal. Physically brutal. The first day we started hunting we did 20 miles of trekking with a 50+ lbs pack, and 21000 vertical feet. You don’t go up and do that without paying your dues here. No way.” “There are no excuses here. I think for everyone that comes in routinely it’s just a part of who they are.”