Dom is a busy nurse, and mother of 3. She has been with us since December and has become a great addition to our #cstsfamily .

As soon as Dom started she noticed the variety within the classes. Losing interest in her training was a problem in the past, but now she never gets bored! The attention from the coaches and the bonds she has made with fellow Capital Crew members  are two aspects she loves about training at The Capital. Most of all though, she loves the feeling she gets afterwards!!  “I did one class and knew it was the right fit for me.”

Dom did a few Personal Training sessions when she first started at The Capital. Coach Lex loved working with her and says she has an amazing energy! As much as she comes here to have fun, she is always working hard and pushing herself.

Dom feels like she has never tried to push herself to her full potential. Her goal coming to The Capital was to do just that! She is now thinking of registering for a powerlifting competition – something she never imagined doing before! “There is a great energy when you walk in and its contagious.”