Being showcased this week on our member feature is one of our personal training clients – Alice! This 40yr old mom of 2 and nurse practitioner came into the CSTS community in November for what she thought would be a short stay. She quickly saw results and realized the importance of having a coach. “It’s more then a trainer – it’s a coach that will explain everything, and multiple times, in different ways until you get it.” She is still with us and in it for the long haul!!

Alice wanted to increase her overall fitness but knew she couldn’t do it alone. She wanted to get stronger and gain muscle, but also wanted to address a few nagging injuries in the gym.
“I wanted to find someone who could figure out why I hurt my back every time I tried to do back squats or deadlifts.”

Alice had a goal of hitting a 200lbs deadlift by the end of summer and achieved it by early July! Before, she wasn’t a huge fan of saying her age, but now she couldn’t be more proud of being 40 and flexing her muscle!

From her first time in the gym she felt at home and says the environment was professional, very open and very welcoming. “It has a family atmosphere and you know people care about everyone that walks through the door.“ We asked Alice what her favourite aspect of The Capital… “Oh my gosh! I feel great when I’m here. I feel like I’m part of a team when I get here, and there is always so much energy.” She always feels like part of the family!