This week we are featuring 2 young volleyball athletes that have been a part of the #cstsfamily for 3 years. Alex and Sydney are players from Mavericks volleyball. Alex is about to embark on her 1st year of NCAA volleyball in Wisconsin, and Sydney is heading into her last year of high school at Franco Cité.

These 2 hardworking and dedicated sisters have grown and improved incredibly over the years. They have come to understand the importance of training and see the difference it has made in their training.

“We’ve come such a long way. Just to see how much it has helped me has inspired me – I should have started earlier. I want other kids to know that. You never know where you will end up.” -Alex

“All the coaches at Capital have something new to say which can really help you grow.” – Sydney

Alex and Syd feel like the coaches at Capital have helped them overcome injuries, both prolonged and acute, by providing alternative exercises, giving them extra cues, and showing them specific mobility drills. Last season Alex also suffered from a concussion and was out of the game for 4 months. “I had a concussion and couldn’t workout but you guys still found ways for me to get stronger.”

The sisters’ favourite part of The Capital are the people and the environment.

“Its a fun part of the day to come to Capital!” -Sydney

“Its cool how everyone here comes from a different background” -Alex