Issac is a member of the 18U Boys’s team, trained with the Jr National team this summer, has won OVA AllStart twice, and has recently committed to the University of Waterloo where he will be joining multiple Mavs alum, including his older brother!

Issac has been with the Mavs since he joined volleyball at the 13U level. He was in his 16U season when Capital and the Mavs joined forces and has been with us ever since. Issac has always enjoyed training but has fallen in love with it since he began his journey at The Capital.

“I liked the whole work environment. It was intense. The Capital gave me a new perspective on training and now I workout almost everyday by myself because I have the right technique and I like it. I’m confident that I know what doing.”

Issac’s favourite part of training at the Capital is the sense of community. Issac spent the summer training at The Capital in our Off-Season Volleyball Program and says that “being around so many successful people just makes me want to work harder!”

“I feel like not just me but the Mavs in general, are the most physical team in the OVA because of how we train and the programs we receive from The Capital. That’s helped us all. It’s brought our game to a whole other level.”