Alex Oneid is a former U21 Beach Volleyball National Champion and OVA Ken Davies Award winner who is a current Capital Crew member. This busy father of two brings a high energy and great work ethic to every class, and is our featured member this week!

Alex started playing volley ball in Ottawa, and continued to play 4 years for Queens University and 1 year at Algonquin. When he was ready to start training after his volley ball career, he joined both his parents at The Capital.

“I took a big break from training when my kids were really young. Fast forwards 5 years and I was able to come here because I finally had a bit of time to focus on my fitness. I started taking care of the physical side of my health and start having a little bit of fun during my day.”

“My first impression was that the workouts were hard but there were options to jump in gradually. I knew I wasn’t going to get hurt because the coaches are very knowledgeable. If you aren’t doing something right they won’t let you progress. If you’re injured they will give you another option to avoid your injury, while still getting a good workout in!”

Alex’s favourite part of training at The Capital is the difficulty. He enjoys knowing that his hour is “jam-packed” and he is getting the most out of it.

“I’ve been training pretty seriously for 14 years and this is the most fun I’ve ever had at a gym.”