"Our level of commitment is what separates us from other coaches and gyms across the city. You aren't just a client at Capital Strength, you are part of the family." 



We value the simple things at CSTS: Work Ethic, Integrity, Determination and Community .  We want to engrave these values into our facility and members. We are not only trying to create great athletes, but great individuals.

Our Gym

Capital Strength Training Systems (CSTS) is a 5647 sq ft facility designed to deliver high-end programming to meet the needs of all athletes, general public and rehabilitation clients.  


Our Team 

Nick and Scott have over 20 years in the fitness industry.  They are responsible for developing many of Ottawa’s amateur athletes and have successfully helped individuals reach their fitness and health goals.  



 CSTS offers a number of program options to suit your particular needs. From our renowned Summer Hockey Program to the Capital Crew group fitness classes, we have you covered.