This elite package will provide all of the tools to help you reach the next level.  This “one stop shop” program has everything covered; Functional Assessments, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Animal Flow and personalized programming. 

Upon Registration each client will be given a personal questionnaire that covers training history, sleep patterns, eating habits, and off-season goals.

 A comprehensive functional assessment will be led by Scott Heffernan and Kim Ethier our Registered Massage Therapist.  Between the two assessments our team will help reestablish optimal alignment and stabilize any lacking muscles groups by developing a personal warm-up to ensure the Athlete is completely activated and mobilized before their workout.

Each client will be given credits to use towards Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions to further aid their warm-up or to help restore muscle length post-workout. 

This program will provide some unique features, as we will have weekly yoga and animal flow sessions.  These sessions will be used to help our athletes not only move better but also to further improve body awareness and accelerate recovery.  It is a great way to bridge the gap between the strength made in the weight room and its application to everyday movements.  

The weight training portion of the program will all be individualized based on the athletes needs.  This is where all prior information gathered comes together to help make the most well rounded athlete.  

If your looking for the program that takes all of the guesswork out of your summer you have come to the right place.  Please contact Scott as soon as possible as spots are very limited.