This program offers a group training environment that will motivate athletes of similar age and skill level to push their limits. 

Elite Program (Junior, OHL, NCAA, CIS)

- 3x/week in April
- 4x/week in May & June
- 5x/week in July & August

Price: TBD

U-18 Program (AA, AAA)

- 3x/week in April, May & June
- 5x/week in July & August
Price: TBD

U-16 Program (AA, AAA)

- 3x/week from April to August
Price: TBD


2018 Summer Hockey Program Details

Our summer program offers a unique training experience for our off-season hockey players. There is a systematic progression throughout the 5 months. The athletes will follow a new program every month that is specifically designed to ensure proper periodization.  There are 5 phases to the program:

Phase 1

Our goal is to rebuild the athlete from the bottom up.  Taking their weaknesses, imbalances and injuries into account we help the athlete reprogram their bodies to move efficiently through fundamental compound exercises under low intensities. General Physical Preparation (GPP) is a focus during this phase as it will lead to improved conditioning and recovery in the later phases.

Phase 2

During this phase we are going to help build the athlete's body back up with general strength. Compound lifts and elevated rep ranges will be introduced and with proper nutritional guidelines our athletes will throw on some functional mass during this phase.


Phase 3

Strength is the name of the game in any contact sport. Here we will aim to work specifically on the absolute strength of the athlete.  By laying the foundation of strength we pave the way for the athlete to be fast and explosive in the coming phases of the program.


Phase 4

Here we are going to transfer the strength gained from the previous phases into speed and power. More emphasis on explosive lifts and powerful movements come into play during this part of the program.  Our workouts become much more sport specific to ensure a higher transferability on the ice. The incorporation of dedicated Speed/Agility sessions happen during this phase.

Phase 5

The final phase before our athletes set off for camp. During this part of the program we are trying to enhance the athletes conditioning levels to mimic that needed for on-ice stamina. While continuing to improve on their strength and power to ensure that they will be in peak shape come training camp.

By the end of the program we can assure that the athlete will be feeling in optimal shape; mentally and physically prepared for upcoming tryouts and camps. Contact us to sign up and have your best off-season yet!

Please contact Nick Haince at to register for a time slot, while there are spots available!